How Hullwasher Works

The Hull CleaningSystem

Hullwasher America, Ecocleantech and Corydoras have invested much time in creating state-of-the-art hull cleaning systems, specifically designed for maritime vessels. Our environmentally friendly systems are guaranteed to eliminate any hull fouling on your boat, yacht or ship by way of thorough yet inexpensive in-water hull scrubbing that’s at the same time safe and effective.

The Hullwasher machine has the capability to not only wash and scrub off all fouling but also uses an electrical advanced filter technology that sifts through all debris collected from the hull.

Aside from its responsible approach to cleaning, Hullwasher America allows owners to take advantage of the maximum performance of their vessel saving them time and money through quick and effective methods that don’t sacrifice the environment.

The Cleaning Process

The Ship Docks

The intricate system of sensors identifies the vessel by serial number.


The Vessel Stabilized

The ship is secured to begin the cleaning processes.


Clean Water Pumped In

Ocean water is flushed out and clean water pumped in.


The Final Inspection

In a matter of minutes, vessels pass through and emerging clean.


Hull Washer’s process of cleaning vessels is tested for quality, inspected and certified by the global standard regulation company Bureau Veritas.

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Our Principles

Hullwasher America was founded on simple principles: At the heart of the project lie environmental conservation, improved vessel performance and customer consideration. At last, the marriage of form and function come together in a piece of machinery so forward thinking in its approach that the waterways flourish as vessel owners and operators save time and money

How HullwasherWorks

This newly patented technology, which uses a state-of-the-art filtration system, produces amazing results without using harmful, chemical substances during the cleaning process but instead implementing an electric approach that’s safe for our waterways.

Fully Automated System

Depending on the size of your boat, yacht or ship, the automated cleaning process takes roughly 1 minute per meter, leaving opportunity costs associated with dry-docking, as a thing of the past. Once the submerged vessel docks, the intricate system of sensors, identifies the vessel by serial number, then stabilizes it to begin the cleaning processes.

Clean and Eco-friendly

Ocean water is flushed out and clean water pumped in, to properly clean the hull through a Bureau Veritas-certified scrubbing process that efficiently removes all fouling, including shellfish, algae, and barnacles.

In a matter of minutes, vessels pass through the Hullwasher machine, emerging clean and moving more swiftly and safely through the waterways with improved overall speed and fuel efficiency.

Safe & Effective

So safe, in fact, is the Hullwasher technology that multiple usages are recommended throughout the calendar year in an effort to keep both vessel and body of water in optimal shape.

hullwasher side view

Work With Us

World renown maritime companies have already shown great interest in Hullwasher technology, and have already began working with our company to help build Hullwasher technology on a world wide level. These specifically located Hullwasher’s will reduce maintenance costs and fuel costs greatly all the while helping diminish C02 emissions in the atmosphere. Of course this process being completed in an ecologically and marine healthy environment with no harmful chemicals