Bureau Veritas Backs Hullwasher’s Eco-Friendly Hull Cleaning System – Press Release

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The first in-water hull cleaning company using Eco-friendly and highly efficient scrubbing techniques to service maritime vessels, Corydoras Hullwasher and Hullwasher America are proud to announce that Bureau Veritas is behind its thorough and rigorous certification process.

While making the announcement, the company’s President Alexandre Bonotto re-affirmed Hullwasher’s commitment to providing highly dependable and comprehensive services and the investments the company makes to stay ahead of the competition in the industry.

“We are killing and depleting our oceans resources at an unprecedented rate,” he said, “and we alone as a species are responsible for this, it is therefore only logical that we be responsible for educating, and reversing what we have been doing for decades.”

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification services. The trusted and well-respected organization provides solutions in health and safety, product quality, social responsibility, and environmental protection. The testing and certification of Hullwasher couldn’t have come at a better time as the company has over 5,000 pieces that need to be certified by Bureau Veritas. Alexandre Bonotto, the president of Hullwasher America , thanked the team behind him and expressed their pride to be associated with BV and its certification process.

Hullwasher is the first company of its kind to be recognized for its innovation of technologies to clean boats, yachts, cruise ships, oil tankers, container ships and more under water in an ecologically friendly manner. In keeping with the company’s policy to preserve the environment, the company’s entire system uses electrical components and uses absolutely no gas oil or chemical components which could harm the waterways.

“The sad truth is that if we keep harming our Oceans and waterways at this rate, the very next generation will suffer greatly, think about that for a second.” President Alexandre Bonotto appealed to the participants who attended the announcement, “Our planet revolves around our Oceans; its well-being is essential to our well-being. It’s that simple.”

About Hullwasher

Hullwasher is most popularly known as the one company that offers one-of-a-kind in-water hull cleaning services for maritime vessels. The company developed, designed, and manufactured a cleaning solution that is a cheaper, more efficient, and less demanding alternative to the traditional hull cleaning, manual docking, and hull repainting processes. Founded with a focus on cleaning maritime vessels without using wasteful processes or harmful chemicals and toxins, Hullwasher takes pride in acknowledging their recognition by Bureau Veritas.

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Alexandre is the President of HullWasher America; the world’s first and only company specializing in environmentally friendly careening of vessels that doesn’t require a dry dock.