About Hullwasher America

Our Story

Hullwasher America was founded on three main principles: to help vessel operators and owners save money and time through an effective hull washing system; to increase the efficiency and lifespan of boats and ships; and to conserve marine life by encouraging a chemical and pollution-free hull cleaning solution.


As the only official distributor in the Americas, our smaller Hullwasher and larger vessel-focused, Whalewasher hull cleaning systems are the world’s first and only machines that do not require dry docking as the ecologically friendly cleansing process is completed while submerged.

Bureau Veritas Certified

Recognized by Bureau Veritas, the global leader in testing, inspection and certification, Hullwasher is a service provider that offers a high quality, safe, and socially responsible option to boat maintenance. Regardless of the vessel’s size or function, we are the experts you can trust to provide the best in-water hull cleaning solutions for your vessel.

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At Hullwasher America

We have invested much time in creating state-of-the-art hull cleaning systems, specifically designed for maritime vessels. Our environmentally friendly systems are guaranteed to eliminate any hull fouling on your boat, yacht or ship by way of thorough yet inexpensive in-water hull scrubbing that’s at the same time safe and effective.