At Hullwasher America

We have invested much time in creating state-of-the-art hull cleaning systems, specifically designed for maritime vessels. Our environmentally friendly systems are guaranteed to eliminate any hull fouling on your boat, yacht or ship by way of thorough yet inexpensive in-water hull scrubbing that’s at the same time safe and effective.

Time and Cost Saving

Hullwasher America helps vessel operators and owners save money and time through an effective hull washing system

Environment Friendly

Responsible hull washing is the next wave of forward thinking, impact-delivering approaches to wellness for our planet.

Quality and Safety

Regardless of the vessel’s size or function, we are the experts you can trust to provide the best in-water hull cleaning solutions for your vessel.


At Hullwasher America we feel a great deal of responsibility for our oceans and waterways. An arterial part of our delicate ecosystem, the kid-glove care we take of our waterways today will forever impact the state of the health of our planet.

Responsible hull washing is the next wave of forward thinking, impact-delivering approaches to wellness for our planet.

Hull washing is a necessary treatment that every vessel operating in our oceans, lakes and waterways must undergo to prevent and reverse hull fouling and to improve the efficiency and speed of the vessel.

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Some of the Benefits

The automated cleaning process will reduce maintenance costs and fuel costs greatly all the while helping diminish C02 emissions in the atmosphere.





Why It'sImportant

Organisms such as shellfish, algae and barnacles naturally attach themselves to the hull of vessels of all sizes affecting the performance of said vessels, many of which are floating parts of major businesses whose livelihood is directly impacted by vessel performance. As such, every vessel owner and operator must schedule regular professional hull cleaning to scrub off said organisms. In the past this has included underwater man power, lacking efficiency with concern to time; dry docking, resulting in unnecessary opportunity costs; and even the use of cleansers that while delicate to the state of your paint are detrimental for ocean life.

We consider it our responsibility to help you take care of the entire cleaning process, in a better way.

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What Makes Us Different

Our amazing technology can service all types of hulls including boats, yachts, ships as well as sailboats and catamarans.


Custom BuiltSystems

Every single machine sold is sold specifically to cater to our customers. Research on the type of traffic as well as the type of boats or ships is necessary in order to maximize the potential of Hullwasher.

This being said, every single Hullwasher is custom built. Wether for ports, marina’s  or basins Hullwasher has you covered.

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